WTO records moderate rise in G20 trade restrictions


  • WTO’s 17th monitoring report on G20 trade measures, issued on 30th June, shows that trade restrictions in G20 economies have risen at a moderate rate similar to that of previous years
  • A total of 42 new trade-restrictive measures were applied by G20 economies between October 2016 and May 2017, including new or increased tariffs, customs regulations, and rules of origin restrictions.
    • Average of 6 measures per month – slightly higher than in 2016 but below the longer-term trend observed in 2009-2015 of seven per month
  • G20 economies also implemented 42 measures aimed at facilitating trade during the review period, including the elimination or reduction of tariffs and the simplification of customs procedures
  • The trade coverage of trade facilitating measures implemented by G20 economies (US$163 billion) significantly exceeded the estimated trade coverage of trade restrictive measures (US$47 billion)
  • Liberalisation associated with the 2015 expansion of the WTO’s Information Technology Agreement (ITA) continues to feature an important contributor to trade facilitation.

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